Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Marking of negative.

We thought that this opening thriller scene deserved a level 3.
We thought the camera work done well but occasionally was not steady this is one of the reasons why we didn't give the opening a level 4, although we thought the mise - en - scene was done well as the objects and costume were appropriate.

Now we have seen the marking criteria for the opening sequence we now know how to make our opening sequence to get the highest mark:
We will use mise-en-scene appropriately and follow the generic conventions of a thriller e.g a villain may wear dark color's or something covering their faces to create mystery.
We will make sure that the musical score creates tension at the right points and links in with the images at that point.We will also make sure that the meaning of the piece is apparent to the viewers.

Monday, 18 January 2010

the human factor

I have decided to analyse the opening scene to ‘ Human factor ‘ which was made by Saul Bass. The background colour is a deep red the whole way through which usually gives the impression of danger and violence. The first object you see is a phone which is first unidentified until zoomed out which gives suspense. The phone is hanging off the hook which is unusual and this makes the spectator wonder what’s going on and causes suspense, and the red background contributes to this. Towards the end of the sequence the other end of the phone is shown off the hook and this also adds to suspense as it feels like there is more danger.
The music is quite joyful which doesn’t follow the typical convention of thrillers, although the red background and phone hanging off the hook gives the sequence enough of a thriller feel.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Saul Bass

Saul Bass was born may the 8th in New York City 1920. He began his career in Hollywood doing prink work for film ads, until be collaborated with film maker Otto Preminger to design a film poster for his 1954 film Carmen Jones and soon became very famous for his graphic design and film making although he was best known for his design on animated motion picture title sequences when he realised the creative potential of the opening and closing credits of a movie. During his 40 year career he has worked with some of Hollywood’s greatest film makers including Alfred Hitchcock, and Martin Scorsese.
Bass is best known for his title sequence from ‘The man with the golden arm’, and his ‘jet stream’ logo for Continental Airlines, which became the most recognisee airline industry of the 1970’s.

Friday, 15 January 2010

"Genre is in a constant state of flux" (Steve Neale 1981)

- Changing attitudes/idelo
What is genre?
Genre is a way to categorize the types of films

Why is it useful for you as producers of a film to have genres?

- Starting point on conventions - iconography, symbols associated with a genre.
Visual, aural - Narrative, Themes, Characters.

- By having a genre this makes it easier to advertise to the audience - they can know what to expect.

- Based on previous ratings they can make judgements about who their audience is.
Trailers - posters include; Iconography (visual)
Title to narrative & characters giving clues.

Benefits to audience:

Influences your decision to see a film - audience expectations - familiar, recognizable.

Batman - Dark knight.

Batman Dark knight is part of a comic book action trend and has a hybrid genre of action, thriller and romance.

How does it follow genetic conventions?

The opening scene of Batman - Dark Knight follows the conventions of the hybrid very well. There is lots of clouds shown which gives the impression of mystery, and there is also a quick 1 second flash of a unidentified face which also gives the impression of mystery.
The action genre is followed when two of the bad characters jump of a tall building on a wire, this suggests there fearless and are hard to beat.
The thriller genre is followed where the bad characters run in to the bank demanding everyone to get on the floor and put their hands up, this makes the spectator want to know if anyone gets shots and whats going to happen, there is a lot of violence in this scene where people get shot or hurt.

How does it make you feel? and how is this achieved?

The opening scene is very tense and leaves you wanting to know what happens next.
When the bad characters jump out of the building i felt it made me look away, as it seems very dangerous and daring thing to do.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Water - distorted images layed over ( reflections) - water representing death drowning connotations.
Links with 'cape' water - cape which is prehaps part of the narrative danger in water.
colour red suggests danger
silouette of a man suggest villan with hidden identify.
The eye - a vunriable part of the body suggests horror - fear shows in eyes.
sound - musical score - distirbing in susupence - in combinatioj with images.
slowstringed music - piych low pace increased.