Friday, 15 January 2010

Batman - Dark knight.

Batman Dark knight is part of a comic book action trend and has a hybrid genre of action, thriller and romance.

How does it follow genetic conventions?

The opening scene of Batman - Dark Knight follows the conventions of the hybrid very well. There is lots of clouds shown which gives the impression of mystery, and there is also a quick 1 second flash of a unidentified face which also gives the impression of mystery.
The action genre is followed when two of the bad characters jump of a tall building on a wire, this suggests there fearless and are hard to beat.
The thriller genre is followed where the bad characters run in to the bank demanding everyone to get on the floor and put their hands up, this makes the spectator want to know if anyone gets shots and whats going to happen, there is a lot of violence in this scene where people get shot or hurt.

How does it make you feel? and how is this achieved?

The opening scene is very tense and leaves you wanting to know what happens next.
When the bad characters jump out of the building i felt it made me look away, as it seems very dangerous and daring thing to do.

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