Wednesday, 13 January 2010


At the begining the close up of pair or lips this may seem quite seductive as the lips are a vey sexual part of the female body.
The female eyes widen and shiftily look from side to side this suggests fear / danger and even more so when the reflection of the colour red are in the eyes.
There are graphical swirls which suggest prehaps hypnotised or confusion or prehaps her point of view - indicating her state of mind.
The name of the film ' Vertigo ' suggests the graphical swirls are a effect of falling ( dizzy ) into darkness at the end.
High pitched orcestra music, gives a tense feel and had a narrative worked on contrast.
You dont see her whole face which suggests a trapped character - and also gives the impression of her being mysterious.
The camera zooms into her eye - taking spectator into her mind. - maybe trapped in her own mind / mental state.

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